Case study
OTR USA is a leading purveyor of purpose-made tires for construction equipment and heavy transportation vehicles


“There was a constant need for invoice follow-ups. We had our CPAs and accountants spending their time chasing invoices instead of focusing on more productive things. Our DSO were at unacceptable levels. On top of that, it was difficult to track what the customer was doing… did they open the invoice yet, did they really not receive it yet…? There was no transparency and really no way to track the customers actions.”


“InvoiceSherpa’s invoice reminders – automated, relentless in their pursuit of payments and it is so effective. Makes it easy for ORTUSA and it customers to track invoice activity in real-time. One click-to-pay is as simple as it gets. Saves a bunch of labor otherwise spent chasing overdue invoices.”


Cash flow improvement of 25%
Faster payment reconciliation by 15%

Quoate InvoiceSherpa took the ‘chase game’ out of our accounts receivables process”

Brian Cohn

– Brian Cohn, President OTRUSA.COM